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“Absinthe has a wonderful color, green. A glass of Absinthe is as poetical as anything in the world. What difference is there between a glass of Absinthe and a sunset?”

Oscar Wilde

Some facts about Genuine Absinthe

Genuine Absinthe preferably comes from Europe, as Absinthe has its historical roots in this part of the world. Absinthe was invented by the French doctor Pierre Ordinaire. It was initially supposed to heal stomach diseases and later become famous as the inspirational drink of artists and intellectuals of the 19th century. The best genuine Absinthe is made from herbs not oils, it has to contain the main herb artemisia absinthium (wormwood) in the recipe.

Unfortunately many Absinthes that are sold throughout the world just claim to be "genuine", but they are made with essential oils instead of distilling herbs and mostly contain artificial colorings. That´s not what you would call the best Absinthe. If Absinthe has a bright nuclear green shinning, its coloration is always artificial, which means it isn´t genuine Absinthe.

A genuine Absinthe is for example Absinthe Heritage Verte. Its green color is 100% natural, achieved by coloring herbs like artemisia pontica and hyssop. It is distilled in France and the wormwood is cultivated on the distillerys´ fields, which guarantees premium quality.

The following checklist helps you to identify Genuine Absinthe:

  • It is made with artemisia absinthium
  • It is distilled, not macerated
  • It has a natural green / greenish color
  • It is preferably from Europe (where Absinthe was invented back in the 19th century, but more and more distillers around the world produce genuine Absinthe).

If you want to order genuine Absinthe just click on the picture below. ALANDIA is the Absinthe store which was already established in 2001. They serve the Absinthe Community and ship genuine Absinthe to almost any place in the world. You can buy a bottle of Absinthe Heritage Verte in their Premium Absinthe section. You will find as well various other Absinthes in this section, which can be considered as some of the best Absinthes in the world.


Best Absinthe in the world

Genuine Absinthe